The Early Education Foundation's TJ & Pals Learn English / Learn Zulu / Blended

        Curricula early childhood learning educational programme is unique; it combines

        Language Learning with Learning the Essential Preschool Curricula Skills that 

        are vital for a child's development.


        The programme is a three year program. It can work as a stand-alone preschool

        programme  - or it could supplement a Preschool or Grade R's daily standard

        curricula programme.

        Preschool Year 1: For children ages 3 - 4

        Preschool Year 2: For children ages 4 - 5 

        Grade R - Year 3: For children ages  5 - 6 


       The programme is designed in a way that children who have not had any early

       childhood education can: 

       * Effectively learn in their mother language - either English or Zulu

       * Learn to speak a second language - either English or Zulu.

       * At the same time, acquire all the essential Preschool Curricula and Life Skills 

          they will need to succeed in their further education. 

 The full Preschool and Grade R three year " Mobile Classroom"  programme 

 consists of 80 x Interactive and Active Class Lessons - preloaded into 

 tablets and classroom smartscreens. 


 Year 1 Level 1 consists of 40 lessons - with each lesson containing 

 5 learning modules: 

                    An Interactive GAME 

                    An Interactive ACTIVITY 

                    An Interactive HOW - TO

                    An Active ACTIVITY 

                    An AUDIO STORY or AUDIO eBOOK


Year 2 Level 2 consists of 40 x more advanced lessons, again with

                                 5 advanced learning modules - as above. 

In addition to the children learning INDIVIDUALLY, or through  PEER TO PEER TEACHING,

           there are 80 x Active GROUP ACTIVITIES, e.g. Sing Alongs, Dance Alongs,

           Role Model Games, as well as TJ's Gym Classes. 

          Year 3 Level 3  designed for children in Grade R - we have added a third, more

          advanced, learning level to the 80 x 5 module lessons above. 


          For those children in Grade R that had no prior preschool education - the full three 

          level programme is ideal for them to catch up at home - or with an extra curricula 


          The key to effective learning, especially when also learning a language,

           is REPETITION . Young children love repeating activities that they enjoy - 

           especially stories, videos and games. 


           By REPEATING  each year's 40 x 5 module lessons and 40 group activities, with

           their English or Zulu words and phrases plus specific curricula skills - again and

           again and again, it helps each child effectively retain what they have learned. 


           If a child needs, or wants to increase the time he or she learns with

           TJ & Pals, each teacher/ facilitator has the option to increase the time each

           child spends learning on the programme. 


           In an average 240 days, in the S.A. Kindergarten year, based on 5 hours per day

           x 5 days a week - there are 1,200 hours of English and or Zulu Learning PLUS

           Blended Curricula Learning.


            Xhosa, Afrikaans and other language versions of the programme are planned to 

            be produced.