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The Early Education Foundation

Pilot Programme Overview

The Early Education Foundation is preparing a 12 week pilot programme

to test it's preschool TJ & Pals " Mobile Classroom " project in select

preschools and in rural / underserved communities in South Africa.

The purpose of the pilot programme is threefold:

  • To have the programme independently monitored and evaluated by an experienced third party organization.

  • To encourage participating preschools to review and give us feedback and suggestions on how to possibly improve the content and functionality of the program's educational materials.

  • To prove the effectiveness of the program to help children learn - especially in rural, underserved communities - where children presently have no access any form of preschool education whatsoever.

A Partnership Effort:

Working with Preschools4Africa, ORT and other leading Early Childhood Educators in SA ( see links below ), we will:

1. Set the test criteria of the programme

2. Finalize the educational content of the programme

3. Train teachers and facilitators to teach the programme

4. Implement the pilot program in established preschools ( see list

of participating preschools in KZN and Gauteng attached below )

5. Help establish (and implement the pilot programme ) in 4 x " Mobile Classrooms ", with trained facilitators , in rural / underserved areas of South Africa

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Educational Content:

The 12 week pilot programme will consist of:

12 x TJ & Pals Interactive and active class lessons - each consisting of

5 x learning modules:

  • An Interactive GAME or ACTIVITY

  • An Interactive HOW - TO

  • An Active ACTIVITY



The pilot lessons will cover the following key areas of ECD learning:

Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Cognitive Thinking.

Language Options:

The pilot lessons are being localized and produced in both English and Zulu.

This will give Teachers / Facilitators the option of teaching the lessons in either language.

Xhosa, Afrikaans and other language versions, of the full 80 lesson "Mobile Classroom" programme, are planned.

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