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The Earlyed Alliance was born out of a need.

In establishing the Early Education Foundation, we discovered that the majority of support and funding for education in South Africa is going to primary, middle, high school and higher education.

Early Childhood, Preschool Education is the “ neglected child “ of education in SA - yet it is the most important stage in a child’s development.


It is the proven foundation of all learning.

Most South Africans are not fully aware of the vital importance of early education. As such, it is a cause that needs more support.

The cause for Cancer is publicized and known, so is the cause for AIDS, for Saving the Rhino , for World Wildlife etc, etc- however, the cause for the desperate need for Early Childhood Education in South Africa is not publicized and known.

That is why The Early Education Foundation has initiated the Earlyed Alliance, to create an ongoing public awareness media campaign - and to be a supportive and active voice for the cause of Early Education in South Africa.

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