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Dr Lydia Abel

Director - ORT SA CAPE.

Ex Director,

Schools Development Unit,

Dept of Education,

University of Cape Town

Using their expertise in entertainment, media communication and the latest interactive technologies, the creative team at TJ & Pals have added "wings and jet engines" to existing preschool curricula. Adding these dimensions has made early childhood learning more engaging and exciting, and as a result, more effective - both for children and their teachers.

ORT SA CAPE fully endorses this outstanding initiative.

Prof. Sidney Strauss
Professor (Emeritus) School of Education, Tel Aviv University

Chief Scientist (Emeritus) Israel Department of Education

TJ & Pals has given early childhood education an extremely valuable set of new technology and software driven tools, that not only make preschool learning more joyful, dynamic and effective, they have also made early education more accessible and affordable to the vast number of children, world-wide, that get no preschool education whatsoever.

In my particular field of expertise, "Peer to Peer Teaching", which is an extremely powerful and cost effective way for children to learn, TJ & Pals' superb interactive games, activities, videos and eBooks dynamically enhances an outstanding way to foster early childhood learning.

More than highly recommended.

Edwin Epstein

Principal Emeritus

Carmel School and Preschool

Hong Kong, PRC

Founding Principal

Maimonides Trilingual School and Preschool

Santiago, Chile

TJ & Pals has successfully tackled the challenges of interactive digital media for use in early childhood education.

The creative and technical standards of their materials are superb and uncompromising.

Their preschool curricula and pedagogy are thoroughly researched, well thought-out and educationally rock solid.

Their values-driven interactive content, which fosters creativity, academic excellence ,self confidence and independent leadership skills, is attractive and very easy for children and teachers to use.

TJ & Pals provides dynamic opportunities for classroom and group learning - as well as children communicating their feelings and ideas through peer interaction.

Jeremy Glauser

Director of Operations

Visual Speech Therapy, Utah,USA

We have been successfully using TJ & Pals interactive games and activities for 18 months in our online special education, visual speech therapy program for children. The games are superbly designed, flawlessly engineered and expertly tailored to our needs.

We highly recommend TJ & Pals to anyone interested in making education more fun, engaging and effective - especially for children that have special needs.

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Rachel Angel

Preschool Director,

Instituto Alberto Einstein,

Panama City,


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to informally test a selection of your TJ & Pals early childhood learning materials with a group of our children and teachers.

Our preschool / kindergarten presently has 240 children, ages 6 and under.

The quality, originality and ease-of-use of TJ & Pals educational materials, for children and teachers, are outstanding. The animated TJ & Pals characters are not only unique and adorable, they also are highly effective in helping children learn as they play and interact with them.

Also, that program works on mobile devices is invaluable for supplemental learning and home schooling.

Altogether, TJ & Pals is a wonderful extra new tool for early childhood education.

Steve Mack

Educational Phycologist,

Durban, South Africa

TJ & Pals is entertaining, user-friendly and effectively educational.  The curriculum. is detailed, current and pertinent - and it's clarity of communication, especially for young learners, is outstanding.

As an Educational Psychologist, I fully endorse this program.

Bertha Magoge

Director, TREE

Training and Resources in Early Education.

KwaZulu - Natal

National Chairperson: National Alliance of ECD S.A.

The Early Education Foundation's TJ & Pals learning program will cost-effectively help educate the 75% of KZN's children, ages 6 and under, who have no access to any form of preschool education.

TJ & Pals offers, particularly to those children who are so marginalized, both a preschool education - and the opportunity to access different stimulations and experiences of the world.

Also, because the program is uniquely and superbly contextualized in Zulu - the children can totally relate to it. I see their little faces become completely absorbed and having fun, learning in their own language. That is an amazing and awesome picture in my mind.

TJ & Pals will bring all this into their small impoverished classrooms. It is really a special chance for them to be like any other children - to be normal.

Robert Ehrlich

President , RedLion Inc , Corporate Financial Advisors.

Ex CFO and Executive Vice President, Mattel Inc. Los Angeles

From my perspective of having been the CFO and a Director of Mattel for 14 years, TJ & Pals has several very valuable advantages - over and above their advanced educational and technological assets.

Because TJ and his Pals are attractive original, branded animated characters, the entertaining and fun appeal they have for young children make them highly engaging and effective in helping young children learn.

The program can easily and inexpensively dubbed into any language.

TJ & Pals' software driven "Mobile Classroom" program is designed to deliver quality education, especially to mass numbers of underserved children at very low cost.

The creative force behind TJ & Pals, Ashley Lazarus, is someone that I have worked with and have the highest professional and personal respect for. Ashley and his outstanding

team are major assets in TJ & Pals ongoing growth in advancing early childhood education.

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Keir Beard

Ex Creative Executive,

Ogilvy and Mather,

New York

TJ & Pals turns the difficulty of learning into fun!

Rosalind Jason,

Early Childhood Educator,

Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.

As an early childhood teacher in London and Israel for over 25 years, the most important part of teaching to me is to bring the very best out of each child ... especially at an early age.

TJ & Pals helps do just that.

It almost feels as if it "hugs" every child with its warmth and obvious love for helping children learn - in a caring and fun way.

Also, in terms of moving Early Education into the daunting digital age, TJ  & Pals is a teacher and child friendly program - that is extremely simple to use.

It's simply wonderful!

Alexandra Fleksher,


Cleveland, Ohio.

As an educator, and a 21st century parent of 4 young children, I love that my own kids are learning through technology.

TJ & Pals is based on very comprehensive curricula and pedagogy and uniquely plants the essential seeds of STEM education at a very early age.

The bright colors, clear design and intuitive, friendly operating interface are visually appealing, making TJ & Pals very easy for the kids to use.

Other than my kids having a wonderful time while learning, they are interactive in a safe and values based program which, as a parent, gives me peace of mind.

I highly recommend TJ & Pals!

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